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This is a place to find various info about one of the coolest cars ever built: the Toyota MR2!
MR2 stands for Mid engine Rear wheel drive 2seater.
This little rascal showed up in late 1984 and became an almost instant success. It was a low-priced high-performance car with stunning looks. In fact, My MR2 still turns heads in 1999, 15 years later.

Over the years, a lot of deicated enthusiasts have come to love and care deeply for their cars, and I like to think of myself as one of them.
This site will mainly contain info about the first generation of MR2s, the one manufactured from November 1984 to December 1989. To most enthusiasts It is known as the Mk I.

During the development of this car, there were speculations indicating that this was the new Lotus being developed, but that car wouldn't get on the market until much later, and it would be called Lotus Elise. Lotus did, however, assist Toyota in the development of the chassis among other things.

The Mk I Series had one big upgrade, and it came in 1987 when toyota modified the brakes, air intake, suspension, a few engine details and more. The 1987 handles better, has better brakes and is somewhat more dependable than the pre-87 , at least when the mileage runs over 100K miles.

In 1988, the Supercharged version was introduced to the American, Canadian and Japanese market. It had a 25% increase in horsepower and a 50% in torque. The critics loved the engine, but the SC had to take a lot if critisism for its handling. Less than 10,000 were sold world wide.

I am the proud owner of the only supercharged MR2 in Norway, a 1988 model with 68K miles on it.

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