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I really hate rust!! No pretty sight But in the end
Inge took his MrTwo for a drive.. Along with Jorn.. I know MR2s rule, but I'd like a McLaren as well
Toyota GT-ONE at Suzuka My blown engine Spring exhibit 1999
I hate snow almost as much as I hate rust.. My girlfriend wants one of these.. But I find it sort of hard to work on it
The day before spring exhibit.. We decided to go for a spin, bet the guy with the Stratus thought he ad a cool car.. When I grow up, I want one of these..
Jørns MR2. As Mint as they come MR2 line-up And again
Rain Good thing the cops weren't around.. Cut of the blown MR2 engine.
Jan. 1st 2000 T-tops off to start a new Millenium MR2's as  far as the eye can see